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Welcome to Sparkling White Smiles!  For over 15 years, we’ve been committed to excellence when it comes to providing our customers with the highest quality custom teeth whitening products and custom night guards in existence.

Specializing in custom teeth whitening trays, professional teeth whitening gels and pens, custom dental night guards, and other innovative smile enhancers, our state-of-the-art products are second to none, handcrafted with top-grade materials that are guaranteed to enhance and protect your smile.

Custom-Made Teeth Whitening Trays and Gel Done Right

At Sparkling White Smiles, we know that no two smiles are the same. That’s why we go the extra mile for your smile, tailor-making each formulation with the highest quality, American-made materials available. We never take shortcuts or short-sell our customers like some “bargain whitening kit” companies do - skimping on quantity and quality so they can slap a cheap price-tag on. We believe our customers deserve the best and that is exactly what we give them. Our product excels in both quality and quality!

Our products are exhaustively researched and tested (but not on animals...animals have perfect smiles to begin with). Then, they are sent out for approval - your approval. While professional opinions are part of the process, of course, it is YOUR approval that matters the most to us. That’s why Sparkling White Smiles is a leader in smile generating products of all kinds.

Huge Savings Ordering Dental Lab Direct

Here’s one thing you probably don’t know. Most custom teeth whitening trays and dental night guards you get from dentist were created in a dental lab just like ours. The dentist gets an impression of your teeth, then sends it
to us. We do everything else.

But why go through a middle man and pay extra ($100's of dollars extra), when you can order direct from the source?

With over 15 years of experience with creating custom made teeth whitening trays and dental night guards, you can trust us with the creation of your custom-fitted whitening trays and or dental guards. We have designed the teeth impression process to be done simply in the comfort of your own home. With easy to follow instructions it only takes 5 minutes to take your teeth impression and then let our highly trained staff take it from there. Ordering dental lab direct saves you time and money. No trip to the dentists office and no steep dental bill! Order today and save.

15 years custom teeth whitening tray experience

Our Promise to Our Customers

We take great pride in making our customers smile. We are so confident in our elite products, we offer a 100% money back guarantee with each and every product we sell. If you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, simply return it (no questions asked) for a full refund. 

Something to Smile About

Why smile? Here are our top 10 reasons:
1. A great smile makes an awesome first impression.
2. Smiling causes the body to elevate its mood.
3. Smiling promotes relaxation and lowers stress.
4. The body’s immune system gets a boost with every smile.
5. Smiles are contagious!
6. You can lower your blood pressure by smiling.
7. Smiles radiate confidence.
8. Smiles generate sales, win friends, and increase success.
9. Smiling makes you look more attractive and younger too!
10. Smiling produces “feel good hormones” that actually make you happy.
Now, that’s a real WIN WIN!
At Sparkling White Smiles, we can’t wait to put the perfect smile on your face. Order today!!!

Sparkling White Smiles - Custom Teeth Whitening Trays - Custom Teeth Trays
Sparkling White Smiles - Custom Teeth Whitening Trays - Custom Teeth Trays